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About US

Computer Center was established in June of 1989, responsible for the school computer teaching and research, school administration computer system development, campus network planning andmanagement of computer equipment, support systems such as thecomputerization of the work of electronic information hub for the whole school.
Since 1994, after the school was upgraded to College, ICC has been upgraded to a unit, and information group based teaching, system design group, administration group of three groups. In June of 2001, administrative group changed its name to IT support group. In August of 2004, the Information Support Unit was renamed the InformationNetwork Group.

Current Status and the Future


Eight existing computer classroom, four hundred remnants of computers forcomputer instruction classes related courses, the students were free to use.

administration computerization

Has completed the development of the offices of the business school computer system, the future focus on the integration between systems.

Campus Network

Office of the school administrative units, teaching laboratory and computerclassroom PCs are connected campus networks, the main route have beenupgraded to GigaBit.

Academic Network

School units connected to the campus network via the Internet, both teachers and students through the Internet, quick access to the latest information at home and abroad. Establishment of the university's Email, Proxy, BBS and WWW servicessystem, to be with universities and research institutions around the worldexchange information exchange.


ICC forced to cope with the ever-changing computer and network technology, will gradually expand and update the equipment, improve service levels and quality of outside; goal towards the development of national health information center for the efforts of scientific goals.